When you are out on the road, you don't have time to mess with paperwork. It's dangerous to multitask while driving and when you stop at the end of the day, you probably just want to rest. That's why members at Britt Cargo Transporting take pride and extreme care in handling all of the paperwork involved with transporting cargo!


We will handle just about everything involving the paperwork and searching for loads.. We just don't do your math test for you

We work with new authorities and old authorities. 

We accept sprinters, straight trucks, dry and reefer vans, power only, hot shot, and flatbeds

Load Boards

We'll search for loads across the lower 48 in accordance to your preferences, equipment type, rate per mile, location, etc. 

Contacting brokers, rate negotiating, signing rate confirmation, negotiating appointments


Once you arrive at the receiver and upon completion of unloading and sending us the proof of delivery, we'll go ahead and begin invoicing the required company to ensure payment.

Invoicing factoring companies, working with quickpay, working with brokers to get new rate confirmations if lumpers, extra miles, etc. arise.

In-Transit Communication

We will maintain constant communication with the broker while you're driving in case you run into an obstacle that could potentially cause a delay. 

If you run into an obstacle, the moment you contact us, we immediately contact the broker to relay that information to them 


We're now offering Electronic Logging Device or ELD services as well as Live Tracking services for our owner operators! Services will be running at just $15 per week with a $100 refundable* deposit. 

We're glad to be able to finally begin offering this service in addition to what we already do for our team! Of course if you are already utilizing an ELD device and you are happy with it, that's fine too! Our ELD/Live Tracking services are completely optional to drivers.

On the live tracking side of things, our team of dispatchers do not use this tool to micro-manage drivers. It simply allows us to provide brokers with real time updates on the drivers location so it's less hassle on them. 


As always, we are constantly working to bring you new services, benefits, and incentives! As we add to what we are already offering, when we start offering something new, we will list it here!


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