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We're currently searching for the following:

Paperwork we handle: Carrier packets, rate confirmation and updated rate confirmation, invoicing, etc. 

Owner Operators/Carriers

O/O's and other carriers in need of dispatching services.


  • Your own truck
  • Operating authority
  • Insurance
  • Valid CDL/DL
  • Willingness to work

Service Fees

For the first 30 days, the dispatching service fee for all new drivers/carriers is 10%. 

After the 30 day mark, the dispatching service fee drops to 6%

What We Offer

  • No force dispatch
  • Rate negotiation
  • Home time when YOU want
  • 24/7 back office support
  • Choice of operating in any or all of the 9 zones in the US
  • All paperwork handled by us

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